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Finland: Police banned from telling about crimes of asylum seekers…….


Yet another example of why there should never be a nationalized police force…


The politicization of law enforcement is a dangerous thing, having one top-down command structure for all police demonstrates that for all to see.


The police banned from telling about crimes of asylum seekers



At the beginning of last week, Häme Police Department personnel received internal communications instructions on police information related to the current situation of asylum seekers. The six-page guidance signed by the Police Chief and the Communications Officer of the Department has raised a lively discussion among staff in the facility. Many experienced police consider it exceptional.


Discussion has been raised by a daily police newsletter that “not mention the status of the suspect as an asylum seeker when reporting offenses”. In the guidelines, this provision is justified by the fact that asylum matters are widely held in secret and that there is, as a rule, no legal justification for the expression of asylum seeker status.


The alignment is a surprise to the long-term police in the department. He doubts whether the interpretation of secrecy has been stretched unnecessarily.


– Nobody’s identity is revealed by the fact that he is said to be an asylum seeker.


New regulations are also justified in the Communication Guidelines. Communication aims to promote security and social peace. Communication also aims to strengthen trust in police activities and to prevent radicalization and racist phenomena.


The instruction reminds the police not to take the sides. Asylum seekers are treated neutrally, impartially and objectively. The guidelines have also been extended to private, free-time discussions: “Police officers must, in accordance with their role, duties and behavioral responsibilities, treat asylum seekers in a neutral manner also in their personal leisure activities.”


According to the information we have received, this point has aroused a lot of surprise among the department’s staff, some of the police have experienced the practice of restricting freedom of expression in practice.


The guidelines also cover the risks associated with the current situation: radicalization of the population or asylum seekers, the spread of racism and the erosion of public order and security. One of the risks is also the attitude of the police department’s own staff towards increasing workload and possible negative opinions on asylum seekers.


The memorandum also estimates that “the registration of asylum seekers, asylum investigation and, subsequently, possible reversals, will involve the police more than usual for at least the next two years”.


More here in Finnish at Uusi Lahti

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