Finland: Police report underage child was drugged before being raped by Muslim asylum seeker in Oulu…….


Yle refuses of course to release the name, nationality and beliefs of the perp(s)…


Katie Hopkins and two clowns from the taxpayer-funded pretend media in Oulu



I couldn’t care less what the law says, it’s immoral, the people have the right to know as it’s happening/unfolding, that’s how a functioning democracy behaves. All this blue smoke and mirrors approach to handling these criminals is a gross miscarriage of justice to the people, especially to the victims and their relatives.


Sex crime probes advance in Helsinki, Oulu

Helsinki District Court on Wednesday ordered a man suspected of aggravated rape and child sexual exploitation crimes to be held in remand custody.


Poliisiauto Oulussa.

Police patrolled the northern city of Oulu on Sunday.
 Image: Timo Heikkala / Lehtikuva


A man who police suspect carried out a number of aggravated rape and aggravated child abuse crimes was ordered to be held in remand custody by Helsinki District Court on Wednesday.


Police in eastern Helsinki said they are continuing their preliminary investigation of the case, describing the male suspect as a foreign national born in 1991.


Police said they suspect the man carried out a series of sexual abuse crimes against a single victim from October through 9 January 2019. Two other men detained last weekend have since been released.


“Police continue to investigate the case. There is nothing else to say at this stage of the preliminary investigation,” Helsinki police detective Saara Asmundela said.


Girl drugged, raped according to Oulu police


Meanwhile Oulu police have confirmed that at least one underage victim in the west coast city was drugged before being raped.


Oulu police detective Markus Kiiskinen confirmed on Wednesday that they suspect an underage female victim was drugged but that the other suspected cases of sexual abuse being investigated do not appear to have involved the use of drugs.


The case is one of a number of suspected sexual assault and abuse cases that police claim took place in the Oulu region last summer and autumn. The first suspected sex abuse cases came to light in early December. Last week police announced new suspected cases there.


Police said they are investigating a number of underage or child sexual abuse cases involving 16 suspects, all of whom have foreign backgrounds. Most of the suspects are aged 20-30, while two are under 18. Police say some of the suspects have been granted Finnish citizenship.



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