Finland: Nearly all Muslim males suspected in Oulu gang-rape cases have been interrogated, little girls lured through Snapchat and Instagram with promises of booze and smokes…….


Pretty much the same M.O. as in the UK and elsewhere, with the common denominator being, Muslim males and non-Muslim underage girls…


Almost all of the men suspected of sex offenses in Oulu have been heard – some of the victims have been lured to meetings via, for example, Snapchat and Instagram, promising tobacco and alcohol


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According to the police, each interviewee has denied having committed either crimes at all or at least those criminal offenses for which they are suspected


In Oulu, eleven foreign-based men suspected of having committed several sexual offenses against minors have been interviewed by the police.


Crimes Commissioner Markus Kiiskinen says that every interrogated person has denied having committed either the crimes at all or at least those criminal offenses for which they are suspected.


Depending on the case, the acts are investigated mainly as sexual abuse, rape or serious abuse of a child.


At present, there are a total of 12 separate cases of sexual offenses in the pre-trial investigation, with a total of 12 suspects. They are mostly 20-30 years old, two suspects are over 30 years old.


One man has not yet been able to interrogate because he has fled abroad, according to the police. The suspect left Finland before the police caught him.


Previously, the Oulu police reported that the suspect would have been caught in Germany, but later it turned out that this was not the case.



According to Markus Kiiskinen, an interpretation error was made at the Oulu police station.


– We got information from a register of aliens used in the administration, which was interpreted as being in police custody in Germany. The matter seemed clear and certain, so we informed that the suspect had reached Germany. Then it turned out that the person was not caught.


According to the Criminal Commission, the police are currently investigating how to avoid this in the future.


An international search notice has been issued for a suspect who is missing. The District Court of Oulu has imprisoned a person in absentia for probable reasons of aggravated sexual abuse and aggravated rape of a child.


From this story, you can read more about what is known about the suspects at the moment.


Relationship with girls via social media


The suspected victims have also been heard. There are a total of five. The police confirm to Yle that they are all 12-15-year-old Finns.


The crimes commissioner Markus Kiiskinen says that some media have shown that one of the victims would be about 10 years old, but this is not true, according to him.


Of the five cases under investigation in Oulu, one is particularly exceptional. There, eight men are suspected of aggravated abuse of a minor, and four of them are also suspected of rape. Two men are also suspected of beating the girl. The deeds are suspected to have occurred in private homes for several months.


Kiiskinen says that this incident came to the police through the school, and the social and health care authorities.


Are there still victims we don’t know?

Markus Kiiskinen

On the basis of the preliminary investigation, at least some of the girls have been approached through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


– There have also been some other chat services and forums used by young people, which are not so well known. However, I will not comment on these, says Markus Kiiskinen.


According to the Criminal Commission, in some cases, girls have been lured by promising them, for example, tobacco and alcohol.


In recent days, social media has rumored that one of the victims of suspected sexual offenses would have committed suicide. However, Kiiskinen says that the police do not have this kind of information regarding the cases still under investigation.


According to the current estimate, the pre-trial investigation of sexual offenses in Oulu will last long into next spring. The police still consider it possible for new cases to emerge.


– Are there still victims we don’t know? In such crimes, only the tip of the iceberg comes to the knowledge of the police, a suspected perp then a foreigner or a Finn, says Markus Kiiskinen, the criminal commissioner of the Oulu Police Department.


The police have also given the police a rare warning about sexual offenses in Oulu: at the end of last year, the police urged young girls in particular to pay attention to social media.



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