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UK: Senior prison officer defending Tommy Robinson suspended for ‘racism’, cited Islam preaches genocide, hatred of nonbeliever…….


The truth is hate speech in the UK…


He was also sent home for defending Tommy Robinson, if he said nothing else but he would have been sent packing. Bucking the consensus driven politics in the country is a punishable offense in the UKSR (United Kingdom of Socialist Republics).

Prison bigwig suspended from Addiewell nick amid racist post storm after defending EDL founder Tommy Robinson

Senior officer Tommy McAlpine has been suspended for claiming Muslims ‘preach genocide’ and Islam ‘incites hatred’

A TOP prison officer has been suspended and faces a cop probe after allegedly writing racist posts claiming Muslims “preach genocide”.

Tommy McAlpine, 30, is also accused of saying Islam “incites hatred” and suggesting followers hate anyone who is an “infidel”.


Tommy McAlpine has been suspended for making racist posts

Tommy McAlpine has been suspended for making racist posts

The senior custody officer was sent home from Addiewell nick, West Lothian, after colleagues reported his Facebook comments backing caged English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson.


A source said: “An officer wrote that Robinson was a t*** and McAlpine replied defending him.


“Prison officers saw it — he was told to go home. Chiefs won’t tolerate racism in any form, especially not from someone in an important position.


“Some are saying they will not work with him again and Muslim cons are saying if he comes back they will ‘do him in’.”

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