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Daniel Greenfield: Southern Poverty Law Center Finally Being Held Accountable…….


About time that these radical Leftists get exposed and brought to book…



There are two inconvenient truths about the Southern Poverty Law Center. One is obvious. The other less so.



The obvious inconvenient truth is that the SPLC is a lefty group that doesn’t fight racism, but targets political opponents, and uses its past tussles with the KKK to link anyone whose politics it disagrees with to racists. That’s what it did with its latest attack on Sam Harris.


But that’s what it always does.


The less obvious inconvenient truth (to anyone who hasn’t read through reams of its garbage), is that it’s incompetent and sloppy. Despite its vast wealth, it’s the Snopes of lefty hate trackers, running on its brand, disinterested in the most basic fact checking, and doing little more than hiring bottom of the barrel people to write smears that fit with the current political agenda.


I ought to know because the Southern Poverty Law Center had added me to its list of anti-Muslim hate groups. Now even if we grant its ideological premise, an individual is still not a group.


And that wasn’t even the worst howler on that list. This was.


Until its closing, the SPLC hate map included Casa D’Ice signs, the sign hanging outside a Pennsylvania bar, in its list of hate groups.


More here.

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