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UK: Tory candidate suspended for speaking the truth about Islam…….


All the more need to tell the truth about Islam… It’s a disaster for the West.


You’re not allowed to stand for a mainstream UK political party if you tell the truth about Islam, or if you support free speech. Other than that, you’re fine.

Tory candidate in Hoxton suspended for anti-Muslim posts on social media

Alexander van Terheyden went to a far-right rally and has defended the crusades



A council candidate in Hackney has been suspended by the Conservative Party for anti-Muslim posts on social media, the Citizen can reveal.


Alexander van Terheyden, standing for the Conservatives in Hoxton West, has called Islam a “violent political ideology” comparable to fascism and communism, and recently attended a rally headed by the former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.


He has also called the UK’s refusing entry to alt-right activists who target NGO ships rescuing migrants a “disgrace”, and said the crusades were “simply a response to Islam spreading through Europe by the sword”.


The Hackney Conservative Party says it was not aware of Terheyden’s social media posts and is “urgently investigating”, adding that Terheyden has been “suspended with immediate effect”.


Terheyden claims he is not anti-Muslim, only anti-Islam.


The Hackney Conservative Federation, in a statement today, said: “Yesterday, we were forwarded an email from Adam Barnett of the Hackney Citizen regarding posts made by Alex van Terheyden on social media.


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