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City of Berlin sets up Bedouin-style tents as ‘safe spaces’ for females for New Years Eve celebrations……


H/T: Rita via Politically Incorrect

Rita: The irony (or slap in the face of victims) is that their “safe zones” are in a “Bedouin” style tent…..

“New Year’s Eve in Berlin: women separated “for protection” in  Bedouin tents.

Berlin, the most colourful of all German Merkel-Ork cities  will undertake a small effort  this New Year’s Eve to protect women and girls from the [Merkel-]invited and more recently imported  by direct flight  rapists, gropers and other violent “seekers of protection” from the Southern Lands. No, not by keeping the testosterone-driven violence potential at bay – after all, we cannot do without these “skilled workers” who are here  to protect us from inbreeding and poverty in old age. 
Rather, this year,  Sharia zones will be set up at the New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate. Women who do not want to be “open to the world” and “tolerant” in their lower regions,  can retreat to the so-called “Women’s Safety Area”.
In the Bedouin-like tent, the so-called “retreat for sexually besieged women” the female party goers can expect  “psychologically trained personnel from the city’s crisis intervention service”.
A spokeswoman for the Celebration Mile at the Brandenburg Gate  explained to the B.Z.: “We had few problems in Berlin in the past, but we remember the experiences from Cologne .”
After New Year’s Eve 2015, after the Rapefugee Party in Cologne there were more than 1000 complaints lodged . Not even a fraction of the perpetrators had to face any consequences. 

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