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UK’s Edward Blighty: ‘What I learned from meeting Tommy Robinson’……

Read the story, then you’ll understand why people who actually take the time to get to know Tommy Robinson….end up supporting him.

What I learned from meeting Tommy Robinson

Things are put into perspective when they hit so close to home.


I’ve been following Tommy Robinson’s work for quite a long time now, at first I hated him because of what I heard in the media, then as I learned more about him I slowly realised that he wasn’t anything like I thought he was. (This is a common sentiment since the average Joe has the wool pulled over their eyes by the media, most of his admirers have been through the “red pilling” process).


After following him online for a long time and after reading his book I transitioned from a hater to a supporter, and I truly wanted to tackle the issues he was discussing. I thought I had a firm grasp on the scale of the issues, however, nothing makes you gain a stronger sense of perspective than when issues hit you close to home.


On Saturday the 29th Tommy Robinson travelled to my neck of the woods up in the north east. He was heading to Sunderland to volunteer in Fletchers News and Booze, the shop had been bullied by the police literally for opposing terrorism. Think I’m joking? I’m not.


So Tommy Robinson travelled all the way up to Sunderland to raise some money, shake a few hands and sign a few books, when things suddenly became violent.

So let me explain the 4 things that I feel I now understand far more acutely since meeting Tommy Robinson.

1. Tommy is in serious danger, all of the time.

On the day of Tommy’s visit I felt painfully aware of the danger the people of Sunderland were in, imagining the possibility of Tommy attracting an attack. After all, Tommy Robinson does have many violent enemies, and it would be a great opportunity for a wannabe jihadi or far left nutter to come and throw acid in everyone’s faces. I quickly assured myself that I was being paranoid, but as we found out later this fear was justified.

He has fatwa’s sentencing him to death, he is literally hated by the most violent and hateful groups across the world. He’s the perfect target for your local aspiring martyr.

It makes you think, if I was worried about Sunderland because he was visiting for ONE day, what incredible dedication, fortitude and Dunkirk spirit that Tommy Robinson must have to face this danger every day of his life.

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