Tarek Fatah: Pakistan, a nation of never-ending turmoil…….

Best line ever about Pakistan…..

“Pakistan is an impure land. Living in it is like living in a brothel.” – Khair Baksh Marri

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  1. OT
    watch this, the left are trying to fuvk us over
    #freelauren #Profjordanbpeterson

    Youtube Will Start Shadowbanning Unfavorable Content


  2. New Changes to YouTube and the Trust Problem

    Jeff Holiday

  3. this is how I found most of the EDL lads

    Debunking Leftist Slandering of the Proud Boys

    Rebel Edge

  4. This is a great speech

    Ex-Fundamentalist delivers great Speech on the dangers of Islam

  5. Mark Latham’s Outsiders: The Rise of Anti White Racism and Terrorist Plots in Australia

    Rebel Media

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