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Finland: Prosecutor charge Mother and sister of black rap artist ‘Black Barbarian’ with refusing immigration ID spot check…….

Oh the horror….

In the US the Left becomes unglued when it’s done in connection with committing a violation or offence. Actually, I believe that people should go unmolested by the state unless they’ve committed a crime, just ensure that your border control is using rational methods to keep the wrong people out, and have reasonable immigration policies in place. Presently, the Finnish government is not doing enough in that regards.

Immigration spot check: Prosecutor charges Finnish rap star’s mother, sister

Helsinki prosecutors say they have separately charged two women – the mother and sister of Finnish rap artist Musta Barbaari – with disobeying a public official and refusing to follow police orders. According to the prosecutor the charges stem from an incident in downtown Helsinki last summer when the women allegedly refused to provide ID to plainclothes officers during a spot check for illegal immigrants.

According to prosecutors in Helsinki, the mother and sister of Finnish rap star Musta Barbaari (real name James Nikander), face charges stemming from an altercation with plainclothes police officers while waiting in a taxi queue last summer.


Nikander’s mother, who was born in the east African country of Tanzania, faces a charge of disobeying a public official and his sister faces a charge of refusing to follow police orders.


According to the prosecutor, Nikander’s mother and sister were asked by police to show their passports during an immigration spot check, but the pair refused to show them.

Incident went viral

The July 2016 incident received widespread media coverage after Nikander wrote about it on social media. In his post, which remains on his Facebook page, Nikander alleged that plainclothes police officers had mistreated his mother and sister.


He claimed that when his mother and sister refused to show identification the officers put them in handcuffs and treated them roughly.


Nikander also alleged that police had stopped his sister from video recording the incident and took away her camera-equipped phone. Nikander said after his sister’s phone was returned, the footage she had recorded was no longer on the device.


At the start of the investigation last year, investigators also examined the behaviour of the officers, but that part of the probe was laid to rest because investigators found the officers had acted lawfully.


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