Islam in Australia

Australian senator wants to boot halal boss for ‘fertilizing Aussie women’ statement and general halal scam operation…….

Well, I hope he gathers enough political clout and action to kick him out….

‘Frankly, I don’t want him in our country’: Senator Cory Bernardi calls to deport halal boss who claimed Australians needed Muslim men to ‘fertilise its women’

  • Cory Bernardi says he doesn’t want halal boss Mohamed Elmouelhy in Australia
  • His words come in response to the high-profile Muslim saying whites will die out
  • Elmouelhy suggests that Muslim men have a duty to ‘fertilise’ Australian women
  • He wrote Australian men are too busy smoking, drinking and injecting drugs
  • Halal businessman also called on ‘bigots’ to commit suicide, choose burial site 


Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi has declared he doesn’t want halal boss Mohamed Elmouelhy in the country.


The Liberal Party defector is angered at Mr Elmouelhy for telling his Facebook followers Australia’s ‘white race’ would die out ‘ within 40 years, and how Muslim men needed to fertilise Australian women so they would have ‘Muslim babies’.


Senator Bernardi says the Halal Certification Authority boss’ vile remarks show why Australia’s immigration system needs to be reformed.


‘Frankly, I don’t want him, his halal racket or his extremist poison in our country,’ he said.


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  1. In the UK, 36% of ALL child genetic defects come from the 4% of the population that is muslim (the Pakis). This is due to repeated consanguineous marriage where muslims are copying their prophet Mohammed who married his own cousin. Mr Elmouelhy’s idea, if it was implemented, would simply cause a rise in childhood genetic defects in Australia.

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