UK: Jewish school bursts into flames, 100 police rush to put it out…….

Vlad observes that the Jewish school was smack dab in the middle where a massive brawl took place last week. Actually there’s a long history of brawls in that immediate area.

Fire at Jewish school in same area as massive street brawls last week:

Almost 100 firefighters rush to quell blaze as ‘Jewish faith school bursts into flames’

FIREFIGHTERS rushed to quell a blaze at a Jewish Faith School in east London after it reportedly burst into flames in the early hours of this morning.


At least 15 fire crews are reported to have attended the scene at Craven Walk, near Clapton Common in Hackney, as onlookers removed Torah scrolls from the building.


The firefighters faced hazardous conditions after the blaze swept through the ground floor of the four-storey building and caused it to collapse into the basement.


Images from the scene showed plumes of smoke and bright flames rising from the school as crowds of passers-by looked on.


More here.

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