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Mark Tapson: The Left’s nest step: Redfining ‘hate speech’ as violence…….

The Left will always be against you and your right to live your life free from their meddling.


And guess who defines what constitutes ‘hate speech’?

An article in the Sunday Review section of the July 16 New York Times posed a question which, once upon a more innocent time, would have been considered nonsensical: “When Is Speech Violence?” The response of any person who cares about the clarity of language would properly be “Never,” but Lisa Feldman Barrett, a professor of psychology at Northeastern University, asserts in the Times piece that the science is settled: “speech that bullies and torments” is “literally a form of violence.”


It might seem obvious, Barrett begins, that “violence is physically damaging; verbal statements aren’t.” Yes, that should be obvious to anyone except illiberals, who know that whoever controls the language controls minds. So they are hell-bent on weaponizing words to advance their totalitarian agenda.


The left has spent decades successfully normalizing the intentionally vague term “hate speech” in the culture, even going so far as to insist that it should not be protected by the First Amendment. But what is “hate speech”? It’s anything the left wants it to be, of course. When the media elites of CNN or HBO or The View or late night talk shows openly bash Christians or the traditional values of flyover Americans, it is never, ever condemned as hate speech; but those same elites leap to denounce virtually everything the right says as such. It is a brilliantly effective way to delegitimize conservatives and their ideas, and to exclude them from the public sphere.


Now illiberals want to take the concept of hate speech to the next level, redefining the word “violence” to include emotionally hurtful language, and Barrett and the New York Times are attempting to legitimize this scientifically.


Barrett’s premise is that words can have “a powerful effect on your nervous system.” The stress they cause can “make you sick, alter your brain — even kill neurons — and shorten your life.” Thus “certain types of speech… can be a form of violence.” She notes that this concept is the sort of thing that has led to campus controversies about “microaggressions,” which have “stuck [sic] many as a coddling or infantilizing of students, as well as a corrosive influence on the freedom of expression necessary for intellectual progress.”


More here.

I advise reading and/or watching Jylland’s Posten’s Fleming Rose speech on free speech in Helsinki.


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