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France: Eight shot outside of beachhead (mosque) in gangland shootout by rival criminal youth gang…….

Media and pundits/analysts jump the gun and label the attack as ”racist” though the top law official there says it has nothing to do with terrorism, but gang violence.

More than likely muslims engaged in the drug trade were caught outside their beachhead (mosque) by a rival gang of muslims.

Eight Injured After ‘Masked Gunmen’ Open Fire on Crowd Outside French Mosque

At least eight people have been injured after a shooting outside a mosque in Avignon in the south of France.

Early reports indicate that two “hooded” men, armed with a rifle and a handgun, pulled up outside the Arrahma Mosque at around 10.30 pm in a Renault Clio.


The pair exited the car and opened fire on people gathering outside, injuring four. Another four people in a nearby apartment are said to have been injured by “shrapnel”, including a seven-year-old girl.

Police are other emergency services are on the scene and seeking information on the suspects, who are still at large.


Avignon magistrate Laure Chabaud has suggested that the attack was not likely to be terror-related, and probably stemmed from a gang dispute between young people.


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