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France: Dijon cop suspected as follower of Islamic (nazi) State…….

Hire Muslims and you might very well end up with those who hate your very way of life and yourself.

French policeman suspected of being Isis follower is charged

A French police officer who works in the Paris area who is suspected of having expressed support for terror group Isis has been charged for allegedly helping his brother aid jihadists travelling to the Middle East.

The policeman, who works in the Paris region was charged on Saturday for criminal conspiracy and fraud in connection with a terrorist group, according to various reports in French media.


He is suspected of having aided his brother who was involved in a cell that helped people travel to the Middle East to fight jihad. The brother is already serving time in prison.


But the officer himself is also suspected of being a supporter of the terror group Isis after having expressed his support for the group’s ideology.


He was arrested in front of shocked colleagues when he turned up to work at the police station in the suburb of Kremlin-Bicêtre on June 27th.


France’s intelligence services believe he used his position to view police files as well as use fake documents to pick up parcels.


In March last year The Local reported how radicalization among French police was a small but nevertheless worrying problem for French authorities, with a number of cases highlighted in recent years.


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