Finland: Four immigrants held young woman as sex slave, sold her to others…….

The same thing has happened on a massive scale in the UK that Tommy Robinson has been a champion in highlighting, the sex grooming of young girls by muslim men.

UPDATE: Finn blogger Junes Lokka sends the names of the tards who are wanted by the police:

Four men suspected to have kept a young woman as sex prisoner in Salo, Finland – one of the men is unaccounted for

The Salon Seudun Sanomat has learned that four immigrants are being prosecuted for aggravated trafficking in human beings.


The four men are believed to have kept young woman as sex prisoners in Salo, tells Salon Sanomat. According to the newspaper four persons are being prosecuted for aggravated trafficking in human beings.


According to the newspaper the case was supposed to be tried in criminal court in the midsummer week in Salo, but the session was canceled because one of the men did not show up.


The district court has ordered that the man be picked up, and the man is wanted by the police. He sought to be brought to justice no later than September 5th.


According to the Sanomat Salon Seudun the victim lived in an assistance apartment in Turku. The case came to the police, when the dormitory had concerns about the woman’s disappearance.


According to the newspaper suspects are immigrants, which involved the victim who had come Salo, where she was held prisoner in the apartment.


According to the Sanomat Salon Seudun the men had used a woman sexually abused and sold her to another.



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  1. What do you Finns expect when you invite so many uneducated muslims into your country? Can’t you learn from Sweden and Germany what not to do?

    1. Many of us realize it and are resisting it any way we legally can

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