‘Far-right’ group trying to do what Europeans wish that their own governments would be doing…….

I won’t rush with labels, I have no idea of whether this group harbors traditional racist-socialist views, that aside, it speaks legions about European governments being upstaged by a lone group like this.

If Europe would have enacted the Australian policy of returning boat people, they wouldn’t be facing the current (and easily predictable) deluge in economic migrants.

Defending Europe? Mediterranean mayhem as group prepares to block migrants from Libya

A FAR-RIGHT group has announced they will set sail from Sicily as early as THIS WEEK – in move expected to cause mayhem in the Mediterranean.

Brittany Pettibone took to Twitter to announce the Mediterranean will launch

Generation Identitaire plans to stop boats carrying migrants who have been rescued at sea to the European Union shores where they will try to seek asylum.

Charities and NGOs are currently rescuing lives off the coast of Libya as thousands escape the war-torn country every day.

Those leaving Libya are often not Libyan but from poorer nations in Africa, which they left to seek work elsewhere.


However, since the fall of Gaddafi in Libya and the rise of militia groups, most have been raped, beaten, jailed and sold on black slave markets.


Young, political representatives of Generation Identitaire – many of whom are not European but from the US and Canada – have claimed they are “defending Europe”.


On Sunday the group announced their ship the C-Star will be boarded by their crew this week.


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