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Sweden: Mother allowed ‘refugee’ into her home who then raped her 14 y/o daughter…….

Stupid woman.


SWEDEN: Mother invited child refugee into home, heard “slurping noise”. 14yr old daughter was raped.

Brought home child refugee – then raped 14-year-old daughter

Published July 25, 2017 at 16.07

DOMESTIC. One woman decided to invite a group of refugee children to their family’s residence. It ended with her 14-year-old daughter being raped in her girls’ room by a 25-year-old Arab man. But the rapist “may not be expelled”, the prosecutor claims.


The woman is living in a town in Västmanland together with her children. In the house, a so-called unaccompanied refugee child also lived in the past.


In November last year, the refugee child accompanied by his brother and three other men in the 20-25’s were greeted by the family. They stayed for two nights and afterwards she reported to the police  that her 14-year-old daughter had been raped by one of the men, a 25-year-old from Syria.


Mum: “Just A Hinge” 

The rape took place in the 14-year-old’s girl room after the man invited her to have some liquor. The girl was more or less unconscious from intoxication and has only vague memories of the incident, but she remembers how she appealed to the Arab to stop when he was raping her.


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