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Dr.Andrew Bostom: When every thinking man knew Christians could not remain under koranic rule…….

It was a non-brainer then, and should be today, but it’s not, because we have too many people in leadership position who’ve had lobotomies…….

When “Every thinking man” knew Christians could not “remain under the rule of the Koran & its fanatical followers free from tyranny & cruelty”

Bishop Strossmayer Helped William Gladstone Understand Koranic Islam Without Camouflage

My previous blog placed the recent on air confrontation between Tommy Robinson, and vacuous media personality, Piers Morgan, in the appropriate context of living, timeless Islamic doctrine, and the iconic British leadership of Winston Churchill, and William E. Gladstone. Josip Juraj Strossmayer (d. 1905) was a seminal figure in Croatian, clerical, cultural, and socio-political history during the latter half of the nineteenth century.


Trained at the doctoral level in both philosophy and theology, Strossmayer was ordained in 1838, then appointed bishop of Dakovo-Srijem [areas of Croatia and Serbia], and Bosnia in 1849, and formally inaugurated in Đakovo in 1850. By 1851, he was appointed apostolic vicar for Serbia (until 1896).  A dedicated patron of culture and the arts, Strossmayer established the Croatian Academy of Arts and Science in 1866, and opened the University in Zagreb in 1874, and the Gallery of Old Masters in Zagreb, in 1884.


During the Great Eastern Crisis (1875-1878), which hinged upon the revolt of Bosnia-Herzegovina against centuries of oppressive Ottoman Muslim rule over the indigenous Christian populations, under the Sharia, respected Protestant church officials facilitated contacts between Bishop Strossmayer and British statesman, William E. Gladstone.


The renowned Anglican canon, Henry Liddon, in particular, was responsible for establishing the Strossmayer-Gladstone relationship upon visiting the Balkans in 1876. Liddon met with Strossmayer in September, 1876, and informed Gladstone of Strossmayer’s views that reforming the Ottoman Empire was a pipe dream, Bosnia-Herzegovina should be annexed to Serbia and Montenegro, and that this annexation would create the most effective bulwark against Russia’s hegemonic aspirations in the Eastern Europe, while bringing England closer to the South Slavs.


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