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Norway: Muslim accused of being IS terror cell spiritual leader held several lectures in Norway…..

Ya mean the kind of lectures that this other islamonazi in Norway gave?

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Preacher accused of being the spiritual leader of IS-cell – Has held several lectures in Norway

Preacher Tarik Chadlioui, who was arrested in a counterterrorism action last week, has held at least four talks in Oslo.


Last Wednesday was the preacher arrested by British anti-terror police in Birmingham. Spanish authorities accuse Chadlioui to be the spiritual leader of a network which has been doing recruitment for the terrorist group IS.


They believe that the Moroccan born preacher has radicalized and recruited IS-warriors by producing videos that encourage jihad. Chadlioui denies the accusations.


The preacher, who also calls himself Tarik Ibn Ali, has since 2012 been at least four times in Oslo, most recently in May 2016. Then, he gave a lecture to several hundred Norse Moroccans.

– Women should be accompanied by men when they act

In June 2012, held Tarik Chadlioui lectures for the youth organization of the Center Rahma mosque in Oslo. The topics included the rights of women in Islam and how young people should treat their parents.


He has also lectured in 2013 and 2014 events that Rahma Mosque was part of. First, a few months later Chadlioui was known in the international press.


The preacher is a Salafist and stands for a strict interpretation of Islam. In his lectures in Norway, the women sat in a separate room held separately from the men.


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