Sweden: Overcrowded hospitals force staff to farm mothers off to Finland to give birth…….

Socialized medicine, multicultural mayhem and Muslim settler deluge……

Being total jackasses The Local gives the Swedish name (Åbo) to the Finnish coastal city (and former capital of the country, instead of its actual Finnish name, of Turku, in their story, the imperialists.

More mums flown to Finland to give birth due to overcrowding at Swedish hospital

Overcrowding at a Swedish hospital has forced another two women to be flown to Finland to give birth.

In December last year, three families had to travel to Åbo, Finland, because there was no room for them in the neonatal unit of Uppsala University Hospital, the head of the unit told The Local at the time.


The emergency solution was repeated last weekend when another two patients were flown to Åbo, Swedish radio reports. One of the mums is understood to have given birth in Finland, while the other gave birth in Sweden and was then taken to the hospital in Åbo together with her new baby.


“The situation is strained,” Erik Normann, head of the neonatal unit at Uppsala University Hospital, told Swedish radio about a lack of spaces at the unit due to a staff shortage during the summer.


The two hospitals had already agreed to allow Uppsala to fly patients to Åbo if needed.


“We’ll have to see if we’ve got some kind of strained balance or if it could get better or worse. We don’t know,” he said. “It’s possible we can buy additional places in Åbo or elsewhere abroad.”


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