Islam in Spain ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism

Syrian Danish-passport holder arrested in Spain for jihad with Islamic (nazi) State…….

The Local’s header is entirely misleading, ”Danish man” is actually just a Syrian who managed to obtain Danish citizenship.

He can be properly identified as a (muslim) Syrian born-Danish national

Spain detains Danish man suspected of fighting with Isis

Spain said on Saturday it has arrested a Danish man on suspicion of fighting with Isis jihadists in Syria, as officials are on high alert for the huge WorldPride parade.
The 29-year-old, born in Syria, was arrested on Friday in Malaga in southern Spain, suspected of having fought in the ranks of Isis for at least two years in Syria, said the Spanish interior ministry.
Officials are searching seized equipment in order to shed light on the man’s intentions and find out who he has been in contact with, the ministry also said.
The arrest was overseen by officials from the anti-terrorist section of the country’s highest court.
Security is tight across the country, as Saturday’s march in Madrid for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights is expected to draw crowds that could reach two million people.

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