Spain: 13 y/o girl gang raped by Moroccan thugs in Alicante…….

These Islamofreaks are everywhere…………Kick them out!

Girl, 13, is gang-raped by ‘Moroccan youths’ on a Spanish beach during a festival in British tourist hotspot Alicante

  • Attack took place during Spanish festival of San Juan, which welcomes summer
  • Those in the area said the gang had tried to sexually assault a second victim
  • The second girl’s father stepped in to stop the attack and called police officers
  • As well as attacking two girls, the gang were also pickpocketing festival goers 

A 13-year-old girl was gang-raped by a group of youths on a Spanish beach during a festival in the holiday hotspot of Alicante.

The attack took place during the San Juan festival and the assailants were described by local witnesses as Moroccan teenagers, according to The Olive Press.


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  1. Now that they can’t go to the US, and get welfare, they are earning a living attacking us.

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