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France: Guards outside grocery stores checking customers’ bags before entering……..

H/T: Fjordman

State of emergency: In France, you must be searched before you can buy milk

Outside local supermarkets says guards, checking people’s bags.

France has been in a state of emergency since 14 November 2015. It was the day after a terrorist attack that killed 130 people and therefore is considered the most deadly attacks in France since World War II.


And the state can be felt down to the little everyday chores of the people, tells Jyllands-Posten’s Paris correspondent Marie Louise Albers.


“When you are entering a supermarket or a department store, then you are consistently asked to open his bag of guards, so there’s generally been more safeguards” she says.


Also the small handbags are checked in many big stores. And checked bag is just part of the things that the country has, after martial law is in force.


In addition, the military significantly more present in the streets, says Marie Louise Albers.


More here in Danish @ Jyllands-Posten

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