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Finland: State broadcaster calls open rejection of sharia law a ‘hate crime’……..

Useful stooges.


Showing your disgust to a symbol of intolerant supremacism is a right of free expression. All symbols of hatred, the hammer and sickle, swastika and the symbols of Islam are fair game for ridicule and open disgust.


The headscarf is a direct symbol of Islamic sharia law, it’s an immediate signal of supposed superiority of the Muslim over the ‘infidel’ as well as other Muslims who refrain from using it in public. Sharia law is the quintessential ‘hate speech’ leftists love to drone on about, though it ensnares justified criticism of things they want to protect. The fact that YLE calls disgust shown towards women wearing these symbols of hatred a ‘hate crime’ shows just how morally bankrupt and stupid they actually are. Useful stooges.

Hate crimes on the rise

Helsingin Sanomat tackles the prejudice hijab-wearing Muslim women have to face and the growing number of racist hate crimes on its front page. The daily interviews Angela Olsson, a young woman who converted to Islam at 17. Olsson says she experiences harassment and discrimination because of her headscarf on a regular basis, as do many other Muslim women.


Another interviewee, Suaad Onniselkä, a teacher at Vesala upper secondary school, says she does not believe racism and the rise of the Finns Party correlate.


“Racism is not a new thing in Finland, but comes in waves. Usually it can be explained by poor economic situations,” Onniselkä tells the paper.


The latest statistic about hate crimes are from 2015, and saw their amount rise by half in Helsinki from the previous year. Statistic show that in Helsinki, 45.7 racist hate crimes were registered per 100,000 residents, while the figure was 22.6 in Espoo and 22.4 in Vantaa. A total of 1250 hate crimes were reported in Finland that year.


But only 20 percent of hate crimes are believed to be actually reported to police however, a researcher interviewed by the paper points out.



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