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Denmark: NO-Go Zones threaten postal workers…..

The hilarious thing is, they keep denying that these places (No Go Zones) exist, even when they report on them like this one.

The Vollsmose suburb is known in Denmark for its high crime and unemployment rates, as well as a large proportion of people of immigrant descent living in the area.

Danish post service refuses to enter neighbourhood due to ‘threats, harassment’

Danish postal operator Postnord cancelled deliveries to the neighbourhood of Vollsmose in Denmark’s third largest city, Odense, on Monday, citing threats and harassment in the area.

Post was not delivered in the area on Monday and deliveries have also been cancelled on Tuesday, reports news agency Ritzau.


Postnord, the postal service operating in Denmark, told Ritzau that it was putting its deliveries on hold due to threats and harassment in the area.


Threats against two post workers and a break-in to one of Postnord’s vans were cited as specific incidents that prompted the decision.


“We have decided to prioritise consideration for the safety of our staff above the very large inconvenience to many of our customers,” Michael Frølich, head of distribution with the post agency, told Ritzau.


Frølich said that the threats began suddenly without any apparent cause.


Postnord hopes to resume services Wednesday but will postpone further should its employees not feel safe, according to the report.


“It is completely unacceptable that we have reached a stage where peaceful postal workers cannot carry out their work in an area like Vollsmose,” said Venstre (Liberal) party transport and post spokesperson Kristian Pihl Lorentzen to Ritzau.


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