Danish People’s Party wants SDP to guarantee no changes on immigration policy if they’re victorious in upcoming elections…….

Keeping the thought on immigration first and foremost in the minds of the electorate….

Actually, it’s a great ploy, put them (the SDP) on record in being on board with more sane policies on immigration if they happen to win in the upcoming elections. If they refuse to commit to it publicly, they stand to lose votes.

NOTE: It’s why tax day should always be on the day before general elections, helps to focus the mind.

Danish People’s Party to opposition: guarantee no changes on immigration

Denmark’s populist Danish People’s Party has asked the opposition Social Democrats to promise they will not change their immigration policies if they win the next general election.

In opposition since losing the 2015 election, the centre-left Social Democrats have followed a line on immigration that has often resembled that of the strictly anti-immigration DF.


This, along with similar policies in other areas like social welfare, has led to the two parties finding common ground against prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s coalition government, most recently last month, when the PM was forced into a climbdown over increasing the retirement age.


DF party leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl called Wednesday for the Social Democrats, who hold the largest number of seats in parliament, to confirm that their policy on immigration would not change should they enter government with left-of-centre allies after the next election.

“I am asking the Social Democrats to take the clear next step that will not only clarify the party’s immigration policy, but also confirm that the other parties must accept that it will not change after election,” Dahl told the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.


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