Attack on fake Iranian parliament,12 dead……

Terrorism against a terrorist regime….

Watch Live: Tehran Attack Death Toll Rises to 12, Iran Security Council in Emergency Meeting

Live feed:

Following two attacks by militants in the Iranian Majlis (parliament) and Ayatollah Khomeini Mausoleum on Wednesday morning, Tehran Security Council has started an emergency meeting at noon local time, IRNA reported, quoting Ali-Reza Mahdavi Shahroodi, a Council senior official.


Local media report at least twelve people were killed since several gunmen had stormed the parliament building, while another group of militants detonated two suicide bombs the shrine of Khomeini in south Tehran. 39 people were wounded.


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Militants Attack Ayatollahs’ Reactionary Regime, Several Hurt

Several militants raided the shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini south of the capital Tehran on Wednesday morning, wounding and killing several individuals in a bomb attack and a shooting spree, Fars News reported.


Three unidentified armed men started the shooting spree at Imam Khomeini’s shrine, according to the report, with two of the militants shooting dozens of rounds at the crowd inside the shrine while the third militant detonated himself. The sound of the blast was heard at an underground tunnel near the shrine.


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