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Finland Climate Clamour: Politicians wail and gnash teeth over Trump’s solid move against massive wealth redistribution scheme…….

Laughing Out Loud……

Friday’s papers: Climate clamour,

Most Finnish papers on Friday morning lead off with reactions to President Trump’s announcement that the US will pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate

Valokuva Etelänapamantereen halkeamasta.

A massive crack in the Antarctic ice is growing amid sea temperatures rise. Image: NASA / John Sonntag / EPA

”Criticism rains down on Trump: “A shocking fail” is how the leading tabloid Ilta-Sanomat headlines its main story on the UN exit from the UN-brokered Paris Agreement.


Trump said at the White House on Thursday that he would begin the four-year process of withdrawing the US from the non-binding pact and in the meantime try to negotiate “a fairer deal” for the US.


Many analysts describe the move as a largely symbolic measure aimed at shoring up support among his political base in rural America. The Trump administration had earlier effectively ensured that the US will not meet its emissions reductions targets by gutting the Obama-era Clean Air Act and a series of other moves to remove environmental restrictions that it calls ”job-killing”.


Ilta-Sanomat notes that a joint statement from the leaders of France, Germany and Italy insists that the long-fought agreement – under which virtually all the world’s countries set their own voluntary targets – cannot be renegotiated.


It quotes European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker as calling Trump’s decision “seriously wrong”, and Finnish premier Juha Sipilä’s tweet calling the move “truly sad”. Sipilä said the EU and China must strengthen their cooperation on fighting climate change.


His Centre Party colleague, Minister of the Environment and Energy Kimmo Tiilikainen tweeted: “I am so sad on behalf of American friends who worked hard for #ParisAgreement. Finland and other ambitious will carry on” [sic], adding in Finnish that “America has never been so small”.



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  1. So go and whinge to Russia, think she will take these lefty money grabbing greens seriously? Disband the EU, the UN, and any other black hole money sinking machine.

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