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Daniel Greenfield: Paris Climate Agreement is worthless in every way…….

What’s hilarious is reading what Finnish politicians are saying about Trump’s pullout, while Finnish state broadcaster YLE reports that Finland is experiencing the coldest Spring in 50 years.


1. If you believe, as Trump voters do, that the Green Panic is a convenient foil to shift money into the pockets of certain energy industries and banking interests at the expense of traditional industries while centralizing government control over everything, the Paris Agreement should have been trashed on Day 1. It shouldn’t have even taken this long.


2. If you do believe the Climate sky is falling, then the agreement failed to do anything useful except waste a lot of energy and blow a lot of hot air. It was the definition of greenwashing. It allowed politicians to posture, much like Obama’s deal with China, while doing nothing about the supposed crisis that its proponents claim to believe in.


If you’re in column 1 or 2, the Paris agreement is better off dead. Column 1 is self-explanatory. Column 2 would be that a real agreement that does something would be far better.


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  1. Oh and by the way China already deals with her own pollution problems and a number of other salient projects like Wild Life preservation. Trouble with people in Europe is they are so dumb they don’t know anything outside of their own back yard. I follow two Chinese News Stations an African Station and I recommend others do as well. You’d be surprised what you will learn. There is no need for these black migrants to come to Europe or the Muslims. Women are oppressed as are children but there are those in both Africa and the middle east trying to establish self help and fg Merkel is ruining Europe for no good reason. Time to stop playing Empress Fuhrer and mind our own business. As for climate change stop listening to lefty greens and get the Scientific facts.

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