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UK: London now favors Muhammed as choice name for newborn males…….

The greening of London…..

Muhammed and Amelia are now the most-popular boys’ and girls’ names in London reveals new survey of parental picks

Muhammed and Amelia most popular baby names in London

Research carried out in every city of the country has shown how long-time favourites such as Emily, Sophie, Jack and Oliver are still going strong in 2017. At the same time, the Arabic name Muhammed came out as the most popular given to boys in culturally-diverse London, and was second most popular nationwide.


Meanwhile, Amelia proved the biggest hit among all names, coming top of the pile in 26 different cities including Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. Germanic names such as Harry, Henry and Charlie were favoured once again, accounting for nearly half of all the cities for most popular boys’ name.


Over the border in Scotland, Jack and Olivia proved the most popular, while Osian was a big hitter in Wales. Data for the survey by Character Cottages was gathered through a mixture of regional research and national records. Listed right are the names in order of their popularity for 2017, with a minus or plus sign showing how far they have risen or fallen since last year.


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