UK: Hunt for the Manchester Islamonazi terrorist nail-bomb maker, police hope to prevent a new attack…….

Well there’s lots of people there with the same mindset, just lacking in skills, easily obtained from online sources, good luck with that…

Hunt for the Manchester bomb maker: Police race to prevent new terror attack

POLICE and SAS units were last night hunting the bomb maker behind the Manchester atrocity.


Britain’s terror alert level was raised to critical during a massive counterterror operation – meaning another attack is “imminent” – as six suspects were held in raids.


The SAS are believed to have joined armed police who used explosives to blast their way into a fl at in central Manchester to seize evidence.


Yesterday shocking pictures of the remnants of the shrapnel-packed bomb that killed 22 innocent adults and children on Monday night were revealed.

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  1. “…hope to prevent…”, just like the last time, or the time before that, or the time before that, or the time before that, or the time before that, …hey! I’ve heard that song and seen that dance before! Waaaay too many times!

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