Dhimmitude Hijab Netherlands

Netherlands: Amsterdam police chief considering islamoheadscarf as part of uniform……

The whole idea should be rejected in full….

This islamogarb is a symbol of the totalitarian, supremacist sharia, Islamic law. Allowing it to be worn by Muslims on the force shows the rest of the Muslim community that integration is not needed, just give it time and before long they (the host society) will be embracing Islam.

Amsterdam Police Chief considers allowing Islamic headscarf as part of uniform

In an interview that will appear in full tomorrow in the Dutch newspaper ‘Algemeen Dagblad’, Amsterdam’s chief of police Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, elaborates on his department’s intent to allow the Islamic headscarf as a part of Amsterdam’s police uniforms.

Aalbersberg says:

“We’re discussing it. Imagine that if we don’t succeed in recruiting enough officers with a migration background, then it’s a meassure that can have an effect.”


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  1. They want 50% muslim police officiers in Amsterdam.now it is allready 15%

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