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Douglas Murray: “Immigrants are making Europe less European and tolerant”…….

And he would be 100% correct.

The septic swamp of ‘multiculturalism’ is reintroducing tribalism and clan mentality into Europe thanks to Leftist morons and their pseudo conservative lackeys who reject the Enlightenment. It’s EU politics in its entirety, the rise of the neo-aristocracy.

“Immigrants Are Making Europe Less European And Tolerant”

12 May 2017, 10:31

Author Douglas Murray says that the immigrants are coming to Europe are not becoming more European, but Europe is becoming more third world instead.

Mr Murray has written a book called “The Strange Death Of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam” in which he has reseached the effect of heavy immigration on Britain and Europe.


One particular thing shocked him in his research – London is actually twice as homophobic as any other part of Britain. And he said that is because the large immigrant population are not assimilating into the British culture.


Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: “It’s very unlikely that when you import people into a continent from so many different places around the world that you aren’t first of all just going to import the world’s problems as well as the world’s people.


“And secondly that they will become sort of liberal-minded Europeans. I give a lot of evidence in the book from polling, observations, statistics to show that there might be a quite different future in this, that instead of as it were Europeanising the world, that Europe becomes more like the third world.”


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