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UK PM Must now pledge to eradicate Islam 101 to win election……

She’s been that miserable enough to slip almost 22 points in the polls.

To win this election, Theresa May must now pledge to eradicate radical Islamism

It is nine days till the election. Many readers of this paper will turn out loyally for Theresa May, but unless something changes we will not skip to the polling booth in quite the same lambikins spirit we had before the “Dementia Tax” debacle. As one retired chap said to me ruefully at the weekend: “I think they were cynical and thought, ‘Tories haven’t got anyone else to vote for, so we can kick them in the teeth and get away with it.’”


Mrs May is lucky to be up against an opponent you wouldn’t trust to win an egg and spoon race, not even if the egg was Araldited to the spoon and he was the only entrant. The prospect of Prime Minister Corbyn is so deafeningly awful that most of us would crawl from our deathbed to prevent it. As for Diane Abbott being in charge of the police and armed forces… pass the cyanide, Marjorie!


It’s not too late, though, for the PM to address the British people on…

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