Islamization Turkey

Re-Islamization: Turk poobah Erdogan tells sports arenas to drop the ‘arena’ part of their name…….

This had its start with the last gasping breath of Kemal Ataturk…….

Erdogan moves to ban word ‘arena’ from sports stadiums as un-Turkish


Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s president, has launched a crackdown on the word “arena”, calling on sports stadiums to stop using the word because it is un-Turkish.


Stressing the need for Turkey to develop its “own language”, Mr Erdogan said last week that he was implementing a plan to remove the word “arena” from sports stadiums.


“We are going to remove the word ‘arena’ from stadiums,” he said in a speech. “Of course you know what they used to do in arenas in the past? They would let people be shred to pieces. We are going to remove the word ‘arena’ from stadiums.”

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