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Finnish Chief of police who wants to crack down on online ‘hate speech’ says he’s been a victim of it as well……..

Maybe it’s because he’s personally  widened the definition of defamation, to include just about any negative response to his meddling, like the well deserved title of ‘idiot’ or ‘moron’.

In a normal state, to prove defamation (kunnianloukkaus in Finnish) has occurred, the statement/message has to be found false. In Finland, since the Jussi Halla-aho case, we know that truth is not considered adequate enough for a defense, and you will be prosecuted if you say truthful thinks about Islam and its founder, such as, Mohamed was a misogynist, Jew hating, murderous pedophile, and created an entire belief system based upon it.

“The number and content of hate messages are senseless” – National Police Commissioner Kolehmainen gets hate mail myself

The avalanche of hate messages received by Malmi’s Prisma (dept. store staff) is a typical example of the modern hubbub. – If the recipient of the message is scared, they must contact the authorities instructed National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen


"The number and content of messages senseless Hate" - National Police Commissioner Kolehmainen gets hate mail myself

Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen calls for the senders of hateful messages to think about how you would feel if you yourself should receive a similar message.

Marjaana Karhunkorpi,Aamulehti

National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmai has from time to time been the receiver of hate messages.


– Some of the content are shocking, that one can not but wonder how anyone can send such a text to another. On the whole, the anger of the messages seem to be such that they can blithely exclaim just about anything.


Kolehmainen gets hate messages, for example, precisely in such cases, in which he speaks in public about the proliferation of the number of hate messages  and the fight against hate speech.


– I quickly receive feedback in my mail box. It’s the usual that I am accused of stifling freedom of expression.

– When I speak about the strengthening of investigations of hate messages, the immediate reaction is asking whether the police really do nat have more important things to do.


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