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UK TV: Muslim beachhead (mosque) of Manchester jihadi spread anti-Western leaflet…..

They’re all Muslim Brotherhood/Islamonazi connected….

Question Time audience member reveals shock leaflet ‘given at Manchester killer’s mosque’

THE MANCHESTER terrorist responsible for killing 22 people at a concert this week attended a mosque where a leaflet against “Western immorality” was allegedly given to him.


The shock claims were made by a Question Time audience member last night, who said he was given the leaflet when he attended a recent open day at the Didsbury Mosque.


The mosque has come out in absolute condemnation of killer Salman Abedi, blasting his deadly as having “no place in Islam or any religion”.


An audience member on the BBC show last night said he had received a leaflet when he went to the Didsbury Mosque open day.


After the allegations were made on the BBC show the mosque’s director strongly rejected claims that they handed out the inflammatory leaflets and said it was not an official communication.


The Question Time audience member had said: “Direct from Didsbury mosque, this is a leaflet that I was given on an open day.


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