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UK: Jihadi suspect tasered in Nuneaton, father says son deserves what he gets if guilty…….

What else is he going to say if he doesn’t want to get hauled into jail…..?

Father of 22-year-old jihadi suspect who was Tasered on a Nuneaton housing estate says: ‘If he’s part of it, my son deserves everything he gets’ 

Father of jihadi suspect speaks out over Manchester attack

Ayub Elshetwi (pictured) was held after being Tasered following a chase through his home town of Nuneaton, Warwickshire, on Wednesday – just months after he is believed to have returned to the UK from Libya.


Yesterday his father, who fled the North African country more than 20 years ago to escape Colonel Gaddaffi’s brutal regime, condemned the suicide bombing which claimed 22 lives, but denied son Ayub could have been radicalised.


Speaking from the semi-detached family home in Nuneaton, father-of-five Naser said: ‘There is no proof at the moment he has done anything wrong. He has never been in trouble before.  I cannot believe he would do something so bad. I feel awful about the attacks.


I have children of my own. ‘Ayub has never showed any strong Islamic views. I don’t see how he could have been radicalised.’


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