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The REAL cause for Islamic terrorism

Very few media and politicians dare mention the real cause for Islamic terrorism.

Every time a new jihad attack strikes innocents in the West, media and politicians get busy blaming “bad integration”, “poverty”, “marginalization”, “racism” etc.

For some reason it never occurs to them to ask if Islamic terrorism has anything to do with Islam and the increasing number of followers of this particular religion in our countries.

Are they overlooking something? Could there be a connection?

Islam and violence?

Together with a team of fellow researchers the Danish researcher Tina Magaard meticulously analyzed the texts of the 10 largest religions in the world, searching for possible connections to violence. Magaards conclusion is clear:

“Islam’s religious texts call upon its followers to commit violence and to fight to a much higher degree than any other religion. The texts in Islam are clearly distinct from those of other religions’ texts as they to a much higher degree call for violence and aggression against followers of other faiths. There are also direct incitements to terror. This has long been a taboo within research in Islam, but it is a fact we have to acknowledge,’ says Tina Magaard.

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