Islam 101 Islamic brutality Islamic Child Abuse Islamic terrorism

ISIS generation jihad: Inculcating murder and mayhem for mohamed from age to age…….

Just like Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah do…..

Generation ISIS: Horror photos which show we could be fighting Daesh for DECADES

EXCLUSIVE: TINY children are being brainwashed by their ISIS supporting parents who encourage them to attack westerners, horror photographs have revealed.

Three little girls pose for the camera with a gun

Smiling beneath black and white headscarves, girls as young as four and five are posed for a picture – while holding huge guns.


Others, just as small, clutch flags to show support for ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his fake “caliphate”.


Meanwhile, the boys are trained to kill and are pictured attacking their victims.


Terror attacks have claimed hundreds of lives across Europe in the last two years – with the latest seeing pop fans targeted at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.


Mums, dads and fans as young as eight were targeted by Salman Abedi who killed 22 people and maimed children with a suicide bomb on Monday.


Terror analysts have claimed foreign wars in countries like Iraq and Libya have seen anger towards Britain grow, and has made it easier for ISIS to recruit.


But online photos show children’s parents are radicalising them before they even reach school age – raising them to support murderous terrorists.


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