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UK PM MAY warns new Islamonazi terror attack is immenent, raises threat level to critical, orders 5000 troops on streets……

This is war……call it as such!

Theresa May warns a fresh terror attack is feared to be IMMINENT as she raises threat level to critical and orders 5,000 troops onto the streets after ‘suitcase bomb’ attack

Theresa May says terror threat level is 'critical'

Troops are to be deployed onto Britain’s streets amid fears a further terror attack ‘may be imminent’. Theresa May announced the move this evening, less than 24 hours after the bomb attack at a teen concert in Manchester, which left 22 dead and 59 injured. The Prime Minister confirmed the identity of the Manchester suicide bomber as 22-year-old British Libyan Salman Abedi. But intelligence agencies fear he may not have acted alone – leaving open the possibility of an active Islamist terror cell on the loose.


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