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Finnish PM reacts to Islamonazi terror attack in Manchester, fails to mention Islam as prime motivating factor…….

I’m sick to death of these feckless leaders mouthing idiocies like they’re high on crack after these Islamonazi attacks.

Finnish leaders condemn Manchester attack, police see no need to raise alert level

Finland’s President, Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister all reacted to Monday night’s blast in Manchester with sharp condemnations of the attack. Meanwhile, a ranking police official has told Yle that authorities see no need raise the terrorism alert level here in Finland.

Poliisin eristämä alue Manchester Arenan lähellä tiistaiaamuna.

Members of the police stand behind a cordoned off area near the Manchester Arena 23 May 2017.Image: Nigel Roddis / EPA

In a statement issued early Tuesday, President Sauli Niinistö pointed to what he called the “ruthless inhumanity” of the bombing. He expressed his own condolences and those of the Finnish nation to the families and friends of the victims.


President Niinistö stated that Finland sharply condemns all acts of terror.


Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s first response came in an early morning tweet.

 ”Shocked by the news from Manchester. Strongly condemn the horrible attack. Our thoughts go out to the victims, their families and friends.”

In a separate press statement, Prime Minister Sipilä noted that the attack was intended to kill as many people as possible.


“There were many children and young people in attendance which makes the attack particularly monstrous,” he said.


Also in a morning tweet, Foreign Minister Timo Soini called the blast “a cowardly attack against innocent children and against us all”.


Police: no higher alert level


Inspector Timo Kilpeläinen of the National Police Board told Yle Tuesday morning that Finnish authorities see no need raise the terrorism alert level.


He added, though, that the situation in the UK is being carefully monitored and a re-evaluation will be made if there are indications of links to Finland.


According to Inspector Kilpeläinen, the security situation in Finland is extremely stable in comparison to some other European countries and that people here can continue to attend large public events as usual.


Kilpeläinen did, however, urge a degree of vigilance both here and when travelling abroad.


“It is worthwhile reporting any suspicious activity to local authorities,” he advised.


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