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The Syrian “Rebels” and the Deep State

Back in February Tanya T. translated an investigative report from Bulgarian TV on the Syrian “rebels” — the so-called “moderate” opposition to the Assad regime who are otherwise indistinguishable from Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and other jihad groups that ravage that part of the Middle East. The documentary included details about the support provided for these jihad groups by the United States, presumably via the CIA — including supplying them with TOW missiles.


As is our standard procedure, I edited the translated transcript to make a subtitle file for Vlad Tepes, and he subtitled an excerpt from the video. As soon as he posted it to YouTube, however, it was taken down. When he uploaded it to other platforms, it was removed instantly from those, too, with no reason given. This was very different from the treatment meted out to any other video we had done, and it was clear that somebody, somewhere was determined that this report should not see the light of day in English. Vlad and I were simply unable to post the video.


At long last, three months later, the video has finally been hosted behind a protective screen that its enemies are unable to breach. We are grateful to Free Speech Defense for hosting this report.


In its current format, the video cannot be embedded. However, if you follow the link, you can watch it, and a transcript is below.

Here’s the account of the report as posted by Free Speech Defense:

I am not sure of the sources used, I understand it’s from a Bulgarian TV station, but after it was translated and captioned, then uploaded to YouTube, it was “pulled” with an unusual copyright abuse claim, but no “strike” which normally comes with a video being pulled for that reason, tried uploading again to another channel, same thing happened, nearly instantly.
Then tried sharing again on, Liveleak and, who are far less censored, again, pulled, but no reason given. Very odd.
This TV station has not complained before about sharing their content, I guess I might find out what’s bothering whoever about this 20 Minute documentary that deserves such censorship attention.

Transcript (based on the original times):

24:02 Turkish-Syrian border, Kassab — The battle for Kassab is a key one in the Syrian war —
24:08 [Kassab is] one of the strategic crossing points with Turkey under the control of the Islamists.
24:13 We will not put down our weapons until we have imposed Sharia throughout the whole of Syria.
24:19 Everyone who wants democracy, a secular state and a constitution,
24:23 we will receive him with submachine guns!
24:35 The battle begins with a prayer.
24:39 It is for the strategic hill of 45th Observatory which opens the front towards Kassab.
24:52 On the other side of the hill are the brigades
24:56 of three Islamist organizations under common leadership.
24:59 We created a united command headquarters under the leadership of Ansar Al-Sham
25:03 (Supporters of the Levant).
25:06 the Al-Nusra Front and Sham [Syrian] al-Islam.
25:09 Our leader — the Prophet Mohammed forever!
25:13 This battle is being led by commanders who take part in all battles:
25:19 the commander of Ahrar al-Sham, the commanders of the al-Nusra Front,
25:23 of Sham al-Islam, their commander Abu Ahmed the Moroccan is here as well!
25:28 Abu Ahmed the Moroccan is the leader of Sham al-Islam
25:32 organization, which is considered a branch of al-Qaeda in Morocco.
25:36 At present the Moroccan squad is fighting in Syria.
25:39 The real name of Abu Ahmed is Ibrahim bin Shakaran,
25:42 a former Guantanamo prisoner.
25:45 He is among the dead in the battle here.
25:48 In the battle for Kassab the united Islamist front uses
25:52 the American anti-tank TOW missile for the first time.
25:55 TOW is an American missile, among the most advanced anti-tank missiles,
26:01 that the terrorists now have.
26:04 600 TOW missiles have arrived for the terrorists, and more continue to arrive.
26:12 In an official comment to the media, the spokesperson
26:15 for the National Security Council, Bernadette Meehan,
26:18 confirms that USA provides support for the moderate opposition in Syria,
26:22 but refuses to give details about deliveries of military aid.
26:33 The battle in Kassab was started by three organizations:
26:38 the main one Al-Nusra Front, the second one Sham al-Islam, and the third one Ansar al-Islam.
26:46 That is, three Islamist organizations, which are pro-al-Qaeda organizations, that have nothing to do
26:54 with this structure called the Free Syrian Army, which is only used as a mask for these terrorists.
27:03 Our crew met with representatives of the leadership
27:06 of the Free Syrian Army, which is fighting in Kassab.
27:09 They confirmed that they have received a consignment
27:12 Of the American missiles, and have been trained to use them
27:15 At an American military base in Qatar. Mahmud Mustafa Mahmud of the Free Syrian Army
27:20 also confirmed their cooperation with Al-Nusra, which leads the battle in Kassab.
27:25 The Al-Nusra Front — they are like family to us, like brothers.
27:33 Our officers maintain contact with the Al-Nusra Front. We and they are like one squad.
27:36 Who sent you TOW missiles? For sure, these rockets are from America,
27:41 but they arrive too late and in insufficient numbers,
27:49 and is not in keeping with rapid developments in the fighting.
27:53 We cannot tell exactly how they are being sent,
27:58 but there is the headquarters of the intelligence services, which includes
28:02 (the intelligence services of) 15 countries,
28:05 and it is situated in Turkey and in Jordan.
28:11 The weapons come to us through this headquarters. We do not care how.
28:17 What matters to us is that the weapons arrive. The training is in Qatar.
28:20 According to the Deputy Commander of the Free Syrian Army,
28:24 two thirds of the delivered weapons are sent to the Al-Nusra Front
28:27 at the order of the recent Commander of the Free Army, Selim Idris.
28:32 The order also reads “Please send us documents about the deliveries of all war supplies,
28:38 so that we can hand the respective receipts to our Turkish and French partners.”
28:43 This is the order. Do you confirm its authenticity?
28:46 Definitely, we confirm the authenticity of this document.
28:54 We warned the Americans in particular, and the Europeans as a whole,
28:58 that the weapons that transit the headquarters of the Free Army
29:06 go to organizations that the West labels as terrorist organizations,
29:11 How this double game is being played —
29:16 on the one hand these organizations are accused of being terrorists,
29:23 on the other they are being supplied with weapons through the headquarters.
29:29 This astonished and confused us, but so far we have no explanation for it.
29:36 Most squads of the Free Army did not receive enough weapons or received very little.
29:41 The ones that received weapons had to have a certain ideology.
29:51 By “certain ideology” I mean radical Islamist ideology.
30:04 Is this order authentic? Yes, this document is authentic.
30:10 Selim Idris was a courier between the Qatari, Saudi and American services on one hand,
30:17 and squads who claimed that they are part of the Free Syrian Army, but actually were not,
30:22 Such as Ahrar al-Sham (the Free of Sham), Ahfad al-Rasul (the grandchildren of the Prophet).
30:28 Al-Nusra as well? —Yes.
30:34 More than 15 foreign services work openly on Syrian territory.
30:46 Even the Headquarters for providing weapons is under the control of these services.
30:54 At the head of these services are the USA, the UK, France,
30:58 countries in the Persian Gulf, and others.
31:10 Do I understand you correctly? The intelligence services of fifteen countries
31:14 help finance and arm al-Qaeda in Syria —
31:18 is this what is happening right now in Syria?
31:21 We can say that with certainty, but the world’s services do contradictory things.
31:27 Especially the American ones. They could accuse someone of terrorism, and at the same time
31:32 to support him in fulfillment of certain objectives of theirs,
31:37 that are in line with their policy, without his even realizing that.
31:52 Not a single Islamist organization in Syria was created without the knowledge
31:56 of the American, the French, Qatari and Saudi intelligence services.
32:01 Dr Bassam Abu Abdulla, Damascus University
32:47 In Syria a phenomenon appeared — a market for terrorists.
32:52 What this market for terrorists is — a group that has a man, who is so religious,
32:57 wants to go to heaven, wants to become a suicide bomber immediately.
33:03 However, they don’t need him. They go to another organization,
33:07 and sell him to them without his knowing it.
33:13 How much does a suicide bomber cost?
33:16 That depends on the needs of the organizations, it depends on
33:20 which organization is selling and which organization is buying…
33:24 In the town of Tal the Military Intelligence building was attacked.
33:35 A man who was involved in this attack said that they received
33:39 $2 million from Qatar as payment for it.
33:47 The number of terrorists who came to Syria from all over the world is 248,000.
33:55 A portion of them returned to their countries, another portion died.
34:05 According to American statistics 92,000 foreigners continue to fight in Syria.
34:09 According to these statistics 12,700 of them are From Western Europe, the US and Canada.
34:12 They get trained, and they bring their Salafist ideology back to their countries,
34:19 where they will be ticking time bombs.
34:26 We are coming to slaughter you. Be careful, infidels! Allah is greater!
34:34 I swear on the great Allah! We will conquer Rome,
34:38 we will conquer Rome and al-Andalus with the help of Allah!
36:53 These terrorists who have entered Syria come from 83 countries,
36:59 because Syria represents a fertile soil for them —
37:04 first, it’s a safe haven — they are able to train there freely,
37:07 teach the use of different kinds of weapons,
37:10 they are able to have their military camps, to liaise with other terrorist groups…
37:16 By waging war against the regime, they get military experience which can be used in other places,
37:22 or in their countries, when they go back.
37:25 In Syria there are mujahideen from all continents.
39:41 Some of the foreigners transfer over from al-Nusra
39:44 to the other terrorist organization – ISIL (Islamic State).
39:47 The two organizations, in spite of their identical ideology
39:50 and common enemy — the secular regime in Syria —
39:53 also wage war against each other. ‘Saif-ullah’
39:58 Jamal Mahruf is a leader of the Syrian Revolutionary Front; it evidently includes al-Qaeda.
40:57 Initially, when I arrived in Syria, thank God, I became a member of al-Nusra (al-Qaeda).
41:05 At first I thought I was on the right path, and I said to myself:
41:09 OK, al-Qaeda, thank Allah, this is the right path.
41:14 But after a few months I realized there was no real jihad, because there were many lies.
41:25 The worst thing that I witnessed was that the al-Nusra Front
41:29 allied itself with members of the Free Army
41:33 and other squads to attack our brothers from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.
41:40 The other squads and groups receive aid from the Americans and the Crusader States.
41:51 There are certain networks that deliver these weapons directly,
41:57 and some of the deliveries come through the headquarters (of the Free Army).
42:02 Another part of the aid is in the form of money sent to these organizations,
42:08 so that they could buy weapons on the black market,
42:22 or they receive arms directly from the intelligence services.
42:27 Al-Nusra was declared a terrorist organization by the Americans,
42:32 even before al-Nusra pronounced itself to be a branch of al-Qaeda in Syria.
42:38 At the same time the TOW missiles keep arriving for al-Nusra. The money keeps coming to al-Nusra.
42:45 When the list of the terrorist organizations for 2014 was published,
42:50 I expected to see the name of Mohammad Julani — the head of al-Nusra — but it was missing.
42:58 The al-Nusra Front was listed as a terror organization, on the one hand,
43:02 but their leaders are not among the most wanted in the world.
43:07 That’s the double game that the world’s intelligence services play in Syria.
43:12 In this geopolitical game 130,000 civilians have lost their lives in the
43:16 last four years and ten million have lost their homes.
43:21 Terrorism was a big threat to the United States, but now it is twice as big.
43:25 Terrorism has always been a threat to Europe, but at present it’s a double threat.
43:31 They form sleeper cells inside Europe.

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