Patriotic Danish Peoples Party wants barbed wire fence on German Border……..

Good fences make great neighbors….

Danish People’s Party wants barbed wire fence on Germany border

The nationalist Danish People’s Party wants to put up a barbed wire fence with motion sensors on Denmark’s border with Germany.

The party recently visited the border between Hungary and Serbia in order to study border security methods, reports newspaper Politiken.


In addition to the fence along its border, Hungary’s model includes detainment of asylum seekers in camps for unlimited time periods while their applications are reviewed.


The model used by Hungary on its border with non-EU Serbia should be copied by Denmark, says Anders Vistisen, group chairperson with the Danish People’s Party (DF) in the EU Parliament.


“We in DF are very excited about what we experienced in Hungary. The model is identical to the one we propose be introduced between Denmark and Germany,” said Vistisen to Politiken.


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