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Saudi King’s sudden phase of feminism gets mixed reaction, cosmetic changes….

Besides, all of this will be overturned by the next poobah…

Sharia law is the rule of the land, the King knows it and so do the thousands of imams in the country who will take matters into their own hands if he goes too far.

Saudi King’s Order to Grant Women More Rights Gets Mixed Reaction

Saudi King Salman’s recent decision to grant women more rights won praise in some quarters and grumbles of discontent in others. Despite the newly-won freedoms, though, Saudi women are far from enjoying the same rights as their Western counterparts.


The royal decree permits women to make a certain number of decisions without the permission of a male guardian. When Saudi TV announced it with little fanfare last week, it said the move conforms with Islamic “sharia” law.


Legal adviser Hassa al Duleimi told state TV the decision was based on a complaint over equality of the sexes in obtaining services from the government:

She said Saudi women will now be able to obtain various government services, including the right to enroll in a university, the right to open a bank account, and the right to leave prison after finishing a sentence without the agreement of a male guardian.


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