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Denmark: Left-wing NGO pushing ‘Islamofauxbia’ ruse says in report: “racism plays role in migrants exclusion”…….

Eh, Islam does that for them…..

You can trust these NGOs to be as trustworthy as a thief in a jewelry store. Are there incidents, of course, are they as wide spread and actually racist based, highly doubtful. People are fed up with Islam, those who leave it are embraced, not derided by society. From ENAR’s webpage front and center:

Racism plays a role in migrants’ exclusion in Denmark: report

Anti-migrant political discourses and exclusionary migration policies are having a disproportionate and harmful impact on migrants, including in Denmark, according to a new report by NGO European Network Against Racism (ENAR).

The report, which covers 26 EU countries, says that migrants across the block are increasingly the targets of racist violence and speech and face discriminatory policies and attitudes hindering their access to the labour market.


Racist attacks against migrants, barriers in the labour market and ethnic profiling and discriminatory policing of migrants are all mentioned by the report as being part of the increasingly difficult situation faced by newcomers to EU countries.


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