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Direct result of EU moronic policies on migration: Hundreds of migrants feared drowned over weekend…….

If these boats were systematically turned away, and those who reach shore interned in a processing facility awaiting final status, none of these people would be risking their lives to venture the high seas trying to reach the ‘golden streets’ of Europe.

What this also says about decades of Western foreign aid being dumped into the 3rd world, is that it’s been a massive failure.

Survivors: Hundreds of Migrants Feared Dead in Mediterranean over Weekend

More than 200 migrants are feared to have died in the Mediterranean over the weekend, to testimony from survivors, and several bodies, including that of an infant, have washed up on a Libyan beach.


About 7,500 people have been rescued off the coast of Libya since Thursday, the Italian and Libyan coastguards said. Two groups of survivors told the organisations that hundreds drowned when their rubber boats began to deflate before rescuers arrived.


More than 60 are feared dead and three bodies were recovered on Saturday, survivors brought to Sicily on Sunday told Italian coastguards. The boat left Libya carrying about 120, they said.


There was some discrepancy in the numbers. Based on its interviews with some of the survivors in Pozzallo, Italy, the U.N. refugee agency estimated the number of dead at more than 80.


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