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Netherlands: Mentally handicapped Dutch girl raped by Afghan ‘refugees’ delivers baby. Rapists sentenced…….


Dutch mentally challenged 16 y/o girl delivered baby after rape by Afghan refugees. Rapists sentenced

This Friday, a local newspaper reported that a judge in Hasselt (Belgium) convicted two Afghan refugees to five and two years in prison for the rape and assault of a mentally challenged sixteen-year-old girl from Limburg (The Netherlands). The girl was picked up from the station and lured to their apartment.


There she received a mix of alcohol, Red Bull and the ‘date-rape’ drug Rohypnol, otherwise known as ‘roofies’. The event occurred in April 2015. The men held her for three days, with the help of a friend she managed to escape. Later on, research indicated that one of the rapists impregnated her. The girl has given birth to the baby in December 2016. She was raped for three days, therefore the morning-after pill was of no use.


The girl came in contact with the perpetrators via Facebook. After drinking the substance her sight became blurry, she was unable to open her eyes, she shivered and had to throw up several times. The 22-year Afghan man then raped her after that. His ‘friend’ received a sentencing solely for assault.


The girl, who has a record of running away from home, wanted to keep the baby. If obstructed in her decision, she threatened to run away with it.


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