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Islamic (nazi) State tells followers to ‘mow down pedestrians’ in new magazine article release……

That’s the new M.O. for the followers of Mo, scrape people to death underneath moving vehicles…..

Isis calls for supporters to ‘mow down pedestrians’

Isis is urging supporters to mow down pedestrians in a lorry attack on a crowded central London street.


Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus are singled out as “ideal targets” in an image in the latest edition of the terror group’s online magazine. The locations are close to where a metal barrier almost half a mile long was recently erected by police.


An article on “terror tactics” advises on the best type of vehicle to use — “large in size and heavy in weight” with a “slightly raised chassis and bumper”.


The magazine praises the “heroic” perpetrators of last year’s Nice and Berlin lorry attacks as well as Khalid Masood, who ran down four people in his car on Westminster Bridge in March. Outdoor festivals, markets…


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